G is for Georgia

So we go out of order for this segment, and I apologize for the long absence. I guess I’ve had a bit of writer’s block, or at least writer’s apathy. I keep running articles through my head, for all the good that does!

Anyway, for Easter we took a trip to see my sister Jill in Georgia. She’s my only sib (that I know of, ha ha) and it’s always really good to see her. She and my husband Chuck were also college buddies back in the day, so it’s usually a really laid-back, comfortable family vibe visit.

We also got to see my daughter Emma and her dog-son Charlie, which was wonderful.

I decided to take Good Friday off and we loaded the dogs in my Mustang (“Ariel”) to drive halfway through the trip and spend Thursday night in Gaffney, SC. Splitting that trip up made things a lot easier. The older we get, the less we need to be driving at night.

Friday morning, we took our time getting ready and made our way to the Cumming area (insert stupid dad jokes here.) Jill asked if I could stop and pick up her new contact lenses since she was still at work. I was glad to and got a great parrot photo at the store.

We had some O’Charley’s gift cards so decided to have dinner there. Jill and I ordered different beers, and when they came, we thought they had been switched, but turns out I don’t think anyone got what they ordered. The service throughout the dinner really was terrible, but we laughed about it, all of us having been in the food service industry in the past. The most laughable part came at the end. My husband ordered Bananas Foster which was listed as a special on the menu.

Twenty minutes later, no dessert. Finally, we found our waiter. Where’s the Bananas Foster?

He comes back with a piece of cheesecake topped with what looked like caramel drizzle.

Me: Isn’t Bananas Foster supposed to have bananas on it?

Waiter: I’m not sure, let me ask.

Seriously, he said this.

A few minutes later, waiter comes back. Turns out “we’re out of bananas.”

Okay. So that’s like serving Cherries Jubilee when you’re out of cherries, little dude. (Turns out, they weren’t out of bananas, anyway. Little dude couldn’t find them.)

Saturday was better. First we did a 5k in a really cool part of ATL. We don’t run, we walk. A woman who was nearby seemed to be struggling a bit so we took turns walking with her. There weren’t many people in this race so I got a medal in my age group, hilariously. After the race, we had a nice breakfast nearby at Pancake Social.

Later in the day, My daughter Emma showed up with Charlie. We decided to go walk around the Lakewood 400 market. This place deserves a return visit soon. We found some great items and walked around a ton. I think I must have done 20,000 steps on Saturday!

We also had a great dinner at Taco Mac where I was introduced to a drink called Cucumber Limeade. I had three. Yum. In my defense my daughter kept ordering them for me. And I was cutting them with ice water.

We had a very nice dinner. And more beers after, when we got back home. Unfortunately Emma had to go back to Asheville because she had to work on Monday. (She hadn’t been drinking.)

Sunday is Easter and while we had discussed attending a sunrise service, the number of beers consumed the night before while playing Uno discouraged that happening.

Easter dinner was great. I made some actual Bananas Foster as a surprise for Chuck.

We headed home on Monday. All in all a very relaxing weekend.


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