A is for Alamance

You know those historic places you drive by all the time, or at least you drive by the signs pointing in their direction, and you think, oh, that’s kinda cool, but you never actually GO there?

Today we went to one.

Initially, the plan was not to see a historic battlefield today. Initially, the plan was to drive to Climax, North Carolina (yes, that’s a real place) and check out a vintage Toyota camper a guy had for sale.

The camper turned out to be too much of a project for either one of us to commit to. But it was cute as heck. IMG_1005.jpg

As we were driving home, we saw a sign for “Historic Alamance Battlefield.”  So I turned in.  I’m glad we stopped.  I’ve lived in NC for nearly 38 years, and I never knew this place was more than just a sign on the side of the road.  NC-62, to be exact.  I sort of took a few pictures.  Enjoy.  And if you plan to go, visit on a nice, warm, sunny day.  




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