D is for Dishes, and Driving.

If you know me, you may know that I collect dishes and other assorted glass, among other things. My first and main love is jadeite, but thanks to Martha Stewart and Japanese collectors, it’s very hard to find the real thing, at least around my area of North Carolina.

Because I use a lot of my dishes in everyday life, not just for display, I decided to get some repro things, or as some folks call it, “new-old glass.”

I took a nice drive out to Benson, NC (over an hour from my house) earlier this afternoon, to a place called Farmhouse Vintage Treasures.

I had already pre-ordered some pieces, but I ended going home with a few more. And I had fun taking pictures while I was there, often saying to myself, “We have that!”

Come take a stroll with me. And then pay them a visit, if you’re anywhere close!


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